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Landing strips toolkit for unidentified flying objects

$ 76.38

This portable toolkit enables you to create landing strips for alien means of transporations on any flat surface.

The kit contains:
-one roll of rope (3m)
-one foldable wooden plank with hinges and hooks for the rope
-one instruction manual with pictures

How it works:
For cereal fields: place the device on the soil in a horizontal position. Grab the rope and stand straight. Position your left foot on the plank. Lift the plank by pulling on the rope, then position it where you want to flatten the cereals by pushing on the plank with your feet in a parallel motion to the soil. Repeat until you created the desired pattern.

For desertic surfaces: place the plank e device on the earth in a horizontal . Grab the rope and stand straight. Walk backwards while pulling the plank with a 90° angle. The upper surface of the earth will be removed by doing this motion, which enables you to create large patterns.

Plastic, hemp, wood, metal.


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More info:
Alien life forms require landing strips to safely arrive on earth. Such landing strips have been made in the past, demonstrated by the Nazca lines found in Peru. Our toolkit enables you now to create such landing strips for unidentified flying objects on the go, on desertic AND agricultural surfaces.

Simply unfold the plank, pass the rope through the hooks to assemble the device. Instructions to create the landing strips vary according to the surface on which you are creating the strips.