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Reptilian shed glass locket

$ 582.22

Authentic 19th-century glass locket containing a piece of Reptilian skin shed.

925 sterling silver, glass, reptilian skin shed. 1.5x2cm, 30 cm long chain.


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The Reptilians are the humanoid aliens that dominate planet Earth. Part of the elite since the Merovingian dynasty, these creatures are well known for having invaded politics and the entertainment industry in order to control human societies. This race originally fully alien, has now involved into a hybrid due to interbreeding with human beings and gained the capability to shift shape, from reptile to human.

This locket dating from the Victorian era contains a piece of a two centuries old Reptilian, believed to be related to Barack Obama. Such pendants were more commonly used during the Victorian era to contain human hair from loved ones who passed away, but this particular artefact seems to hint at a more complex relationship between a reptilian and possibly, a human.