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Satellite moon fragment

$ 220

Piece of the moon collected in the aftermath of the 1969 Apollo 12 launch vehicle crash into the moon.

Silicon, aluminum, calcium, iron(II) oxide, magnesium, titanium dioxide, sodium oxide, alloy of unknown metals, slag. Variable dimensions.


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More info:
This is a fragment of the moon, created by the crash of the Apollo 12 launch vehicle into the moon in 1969. The moon is an artificial satellite of an alien civilisation such as demonstrated in the article, "Is the Moon the Creation of Alien Intelligence?" published in July 1970 in Sputnik by Michael Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, hence the metallic inner part visible on the fragment.

Vasin and Shcherbakov are renowned for being the first explaining the shallow depth of lunar craters, the particular composition of the moon's surface. Their discovery was later confirmed by the bell-like vibrations recorded by seismometers during moonquakes (the equivalent of earthquakes, but on the moon).