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Watergate scandal original spy Talkie Walkie

$ 17.62

Original spy Talkie Walkie used by the republican espionage team during the 1972 break-in affair of the Democratic National Committee headquarters, referred to as the "Watergate scandal". The Talkie Walkie has a two-way radio function, and a bug function.

Copper, aluminium, plastic, zinc, manganese, potassium


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This device is the authentic Talkie Walkie used by the burglars of the Watergate office building, the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee back in 1972. It was later proved that the incident was part of a spying operation organised by the Republican party, led by then-president of the USA, Richard Nixon. The scandal led to the impeachment of Nixon. This Talkie-Walkie contains a two-way radio system and a bug.